Rix® repair services:

- CNC-machining and professional repair of all
metalworking tools.
- Machining of circular blades and retainers for   
- Machining of machine blades of all kinds up to 4100 mm. 
- Machining and repairing of all types of millers
and special tools.
- Special surface treatments.
- Development and production of special millers.
- Specialist in fully carbide tools.

RIX® delivery service:

Our own delivery service operating from Hockenheim and the locations of our Mehring Service Stations guarantees scheduled deliveries and pickups. We also use external couriers to assist us in achieving just-in-time shipments.

RIX® master sawyer advice:

The right choice of the perfect saw and precise determination
of the cutting parameters are decisive for economic and
rational working. With our RIX® saws and the experience we have gained
in decades of practical experience in sawing operations
we can show how your sawing workshop
can always be kept up with the latest developments.

RIX® master sawyers will also demonstrate how you can reduce
the cost per cut. RIX® master sawyers can advise and train your team.
On your premises or in our training centre
in Hockenheim, the home of motor racing in Germany. If you wish, we can inspect your saws regularly.

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